cant finish my IDEASSSSSS!!!!!!!

2008-07-23 11:22:37 by Erobus

I hate it when you get an awesome idea for a flash movie beginning, then after getting the origin and porblem down pat...... BLAM! No Ending!

my latest submission silhouette assassin should have been an awesome flash! (well at least when im the one making it, it should have been awesome compared with my usual junk), but i was stuck on the ending for at least a month and have just been fucking around with the graphics and the beginning and shit, and then i thought, *Fuck it, im just gonna to burn everything!* so i did, and then i thought, *Hey wow thats what the silhouette assassin could do just burn the castle down after he kills the dude*

so my original intention was to show the gasoline being poured over the dead guy whilst playing the hitman style ave maria in the background, but i dont change music well half way through a flash so i just did what you see in the flash. o and i realise the explosion was shit but i was getting to the end where i just wanted it Fucking Finished and so i rushed, really badly!


2008-05-01 12:03:35 by Erobus


Vampyre Submission

2008-02-26 05:33:06 by Erobus

Imagine, shaving and then the lights just randomly blow out. and when you go to turn them back on theres a vampyre standing right behind you, and has been there the whole time waiting to scare the F@#K out of you! And suck you dry! i get paranoid ;p

Vampyre Submission

Sacrifical Comupence

2008-02-14 07:44:42 by Erobus

Okay so i submitted a new project yest, and im quite glad of the response its gotten. i know its not exactly the best animation out there, and of course it was done rather quickly (still took at least a month though). the idea is one i got from a book, where most ideas are found (excluding newgrounds of course ;p), and so i adapted it to a more mythical and modern version which i hope i made my own. hope you enjoy!

Next Project

2008-01-18 22:13:25 by Erobus

Okay so my second project for submission is really something iv tired very hard on making my own. it has some of the familiar styles of the whole, no arms or legs, type animation but the story is completely new and the animation is completely original no just traced sprites or what ever. it has taken me a longggggggg F**************K**********ing time to get all the story together and im not even past the first half of the story. im also still trying to think up a bloody name for the piece, which is proving o be quite difficult. anyway thats my post hit me up with any ideas any and all....

First Submission

2008-01-09 05:37:25 by Erobus

Okay well this is my first post and its about my first submission. Well i, some what in anxiety, await whether ill be shafted and completely crushed by those who have actual ability to create these wonderful animation. Or hopefully ill actually be able to crawl arounds the knees of the big boys some what and then maybe claw my way to some small respect of exceptance. Now i dont say this to because i am trying to be self crushing but i just see these amazing animations and truly dont think that i can stand tall against that, but ill try....