Entry #1

First Submission

2008-01-09 05:37:25 by Erobus

Okay well this is my first post and its about my first submission. Well i, some what in anxiety, await whether ill be shafted and completely crushed by those who have actual ability to create these wonderful animation. Or hopefully ill actually be able to crawl arounds the knees of the big boys some what and then maybe claw my way to some small respect of exceptance. Now i dont say this to because i am trying to be self crushing but i just see these amazing animations and truly dont think that i can stand tall against that, but ill try....


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2008-01-09 06:22:45

I like bacon on my penis.

Erobus responds:

right........ well thats F******D up......


2008-01-09 06:26:04

Congrats! I'ma go take a look . . .